The Charlotte Behavioral Health Care System and the Fred Lang Foundation hold a Silent Auction for their Annual Summer Ball. In the 9th year of festivities and fundraising, Shauna Lee Lange donated a collage artwork in the interest of being a partner with mental health, substance abuse, and crisis services in the community.

The Fred Lang Foundation has sought, through its mission, to aid individuals find the “hope for a brighter tomorrow” through effective mental health, crisis services, and substance abuse treatment at Charlotte Behavioral Health Care. The funds raised provide services for children, adolescents, and families of Charlotte County who are in need of treatment or services but are without the means to pay. The Ball’s ultimate goal is to strengthen the community by continuing to provide hope and compassion with effective treatment and interventions since 1969.

Lange’s collage piece features a solitary woman in tropical Florida stylings with a t-shirt slogan of “Look Close Now” and with hands protecting her eyes from the sun.