The new and improved Boca Grande Farmers Market now runs daily throughout the year beginning September 1, 2014.  With a new virtual platform launching in 2016, we are now able to bring you groceries, goods, and personal services delivery direct to your door through our friendly Gopher service.

Prior to the Summer of 2016, we successfully operated a physical market seasonally October to April for two years.  Customers keep talking about fresh, locally-grown produce, hand-made original arts and crafts, music and entertainment, and a host of specialty items for discriminating tastes and this was as the heart of what we envisioned when we first created the market on the remote, resort barrier island (which was also a food desert) as the original owners.  That essence will be redelivered and repackaged in new and exciting ways from 2016 forward.

A virtual, online farmers market gives the buyer the ultimate convenience of ordering from home.  While the buyer might think that it would limit the choices, the opposite is actually true.  The ability to shop different farms and producers from one’s home and see what is actually in season within a 50 mile radius ensures that you are eating fruits and vegetables grown right in your community.  Within those growers, you can choose the level of chemicals you are comfortable having in your foods, from certified organic to modern conventional levels for pest and weed control. And this isn’t some blind-alley exchange either.  We PERSONALLY oversee food selection to bring you the best.

A virtual farmer’s market, coupled with a doorstep delivery distribution system will improve operational efficiency while reducing costs and other barriers.  It provides critical supports to allow smaller scale urban and near-urban farmers access to shared distribution systems while adding marketing capacity in local urban and near-urban markets. The system will provide for demand planning, helping farmers better meet demand with less waste and improve product quality and profits, while reducing transportation costs, food miles and greenhouse gas emissions.

Innovation in local food marketing and distribution that meets consumer demands for cost, choice and convenience could become a catalyst supporting greater local food independence and food resilience.  PLUS, the customer chooses their food, there’s no sign up or memberships, no required weekly order, and no inclement weather concern.  Everyone wins.

Boca Grande Farmers Market & The Gophers: Grocery, Goods & Personal Services Delivery will specialize in four major areas.  1) Luxury, leisure, tourism & travel; 2) Fine foods, gourmet provisions, and whole produce; 3) Customizable and discreet lifestyle services; and 4) Specialty time resource management.

Our market is family owned since its inception in 2014 and continues to be independently operated by a US Veteran.  The community is at the heart of all we do. Join us as we celebrate our third upcoming year during 2016/2017, Season 3. We all look forward to seeing you at our community workshops & events, and now even on a more regular routine as we help you and your family enjoy all that is Boca Grande and the surrounding area.  Please let me know how I can be of service to YOU.  941/875.5190.

Warmly, Shauna Lee Lange (Founder)