It wasn’t our idea alone.  Last year, during a community open panel discussion, island residents voiced strongly held opinions that one of the things they’d like to see brought to the Boca Grande Community Center (or featured in some other way by the market) was a series of films concentrated on food education in serious and entertaining works of art.

Boca Grande Farmers Market, now entering its second season opening on October 2, 2015, offers the below list of 60 must-see movies to total food mastery. The list comprises documentaries, dramas, romance and comedy in feature films with a distinct food concentration at the plot.  The market has offered to continue the list if others have films to add.

How many of these have you seen, or would you like to see, and do YOU feel there is substance to the idea that food education would contribute to Boca Grande’s self-sustainability and whole foods wellness?

Boca Grande Farmers Market has long-held that the island is solely unique in its somewhat dormant positioning to generate a true food-centric culture of gourmet, gastronomic, epicurean, and culinary concentrations which could not only be leveraged for the benefit of island residents and visitors, but could also be used to grow a substantial agritourism economic base in entirely new concentrations.

We invite your comments, and having seen only less than 10% of this list to date myself, our current favorite is The Hundred-Step Journey featured above.  If we didn’t love Gasparilla Island so much, the film had the power to send us packing off to France for Indian cuisine.

  1. A Farmer in Africa
  2. A Place at the Table
  3. Cooking by Heart
  4. Fast Food
  5. Food Chains
  6. Food Fight
  7. Food Speculation
  8. Forks Over Knives
  9. Fresh: The Movie
  10. Hidden Cost of Hamburgers
  11. How to Feed the World
  12. La Cosecha/ The Harvest
  13. King Corn
  14. Myth of Choice
  15. Nokia, HK Honey
  16. Our Daily Bread
  17. Planning for a Sustainable Food System
  18. Soil Matters in the Farm
  19. Soil: Our Climate Ally Under Foot
  20. Sustainable Agriculture: Where Do We Go From Here
  21. The Garden
  22. The Meatrix
  23. The Price of Sugar
  24. The Scarecrow
  25. Taste the Water
  26. WASTE
  27. GMO/OMG
  28. Open Seed
  29. Man in the Maze
  30. The Fruit Hunters
  31. Chef
  32. Food, Inc.
  33. Jiro Dreams of Sushi
  34. The Hundred-Foot Journey
  35. Super Size Me
  36. Dandelion
  37. King Corn
  38. Soylent Green
  39. Food Matters
  40. Tortilla Soup
  41. Chocolat
  42. Fresh
  43. Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers
  44. Fed Up
  45. The Future of Food
  46. Fast Food Nation
  47. Our Daily Bread
  48. Food Stamped
  49. Vegucated
  50. Meshi
  51. The Chinese Feast
  52. A Place at the Table
  53. El-Bulli: Cooking in Progress
  54. The Chef
  55. Planeat
  56. The Stuff
  57. Fat Head
  58. Ingredients
  59. Cafeteria Man
  60. Rotten Tomatoes or Fried Green Tomatoes