Maureen Fletcher is a mixed-media Illustrator who immortalizes imaginations, fantasies, and daydreams onto paper.

Her “Water Spirit” has been chosen to be one of the exhibiting pieces for the 10th Annual “Open” Online Art Exhibition and is also being awarded a Special Recognition Award by the Light, Space & Time Online Art Gallery.

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announced their 10th Annual “Nature” Online Art Competition for the month of November 2020.  2D and 3D artists from around the world are called upon to make online submissions for possible inclusion into the Gallery’s December 2020 online group exhibition.

The gallery invited entries from artists (including photography & digital art) regardless of where they reside to apply to this competition by submitting their best representational or abstract art and photography.  The “Nature” theme is the artist’s interpretation and depiction of nature art. Nature subjects include geographical subjects, landscapes, natural objects, wildlife and natural environments. 

The top 10 winning artists for this exhibition will be promoted and circulated to over 550+ major news outlets, including Premium News Outlets syndication. (ABC, CBS, CW, Fox & NBC affiliated broadcasting/station websites), with inclusion on Google News & Bing News.

Winning artists will have their art exhibition results posted and promoted on ArtJobs/ Artweek produces 800,000-page impressions per month, 280,000 website visitors per month and has 30,000 newsletter subscribers.  

Winning artists will also have their art exhibition results posted and promoted on  Art.Base produces 100,000 page views per month, 35,000 monthly unique visitors and has 10,000+ newsletter subscribers.

The Top 10 Overall Winning Artists will be featured individually and collectively on the gallery’s Artwork Archive Page.  Artwork Archive is a premier web-based software for visual artists. Manage your inventory, sales & contacts. Grow your art career and exhibit your art on Artwork Archive.

In addition to the above, the winning artists of this exhibition will receive extensive worldwide publicity in the form of email marketing, event announcements, and wide-spread social media marketing and promotion to make the art world aware of the artists’ achievement.

There will also be a video of the winning artists’ artworks on the Light Space & Time YouTube Channel.In addition, there will also be links back to the artists’ website as part of this achievement package. Winning artists also receive a digital Award Certificate, digital Award Ribbon, digital Event Postcard, and Press Release for their art portfolio.

This award is the third for this year for the newly emerging artist who said,

“As someone who is just starting out just over a year, it has been a rewarding journey on top of getting to know so many likeminded people and being part of a soul tribe.”

Fletcher is offerings prints of this piece through her INPRNT store at

She added, “Follow your dreams and trust your intuition. Can’t go wrong with that. Open your eyes and heart to see what you NEED to see and feel and not what you WANT to. There is a difference.”