Wednesday night had about 45 people, mostly in their 30s, and largely from the New York area, along with Sacrosanct Gallery from Florida joining an inspiring panel for a visioning discussion and planning for Ecological City: Art & Climate Solutions Pageant culminating on Saturday May 8, 2021. Participants shared examples of inspiring physically-distanced event adaptations including pop-up site performances of music, dance, theater and poetry, live stream site performances, virtual and live pageant engagements, and exhibitions of visuals, costumes and puppets throughout gardens, neighborhoods, and waterfront sites on the Lower East Side.

New York based panel speakers presented current environmental actions and sustainability initiatives as inspiration for performances and visual art. Attendees brought inspired imagination to share and discuss past Covid adaptations as examples of what we can create together. By exploring and cultivating culture, community, social connection, and environmental action, we can move to capacity building for a sustainable future!

Challenges include timelines, funding, manpower, lack of interim oversight for emergency issues, loss of trees due to water rise, particulate matter from fill, lack of alternate park space. Successes include petitions, volunteers to climate organizations, the potential for new lawmakers, and the continued interest in biodiversity. To view the 2019 event, click here.


Wendy Brawer – Green Map System

Charles Krezell – LUNGS Loisaida United Neighborhood Gardens

Pat Arnow – East River Park Action

Dee Dee Maucher – MoS Collective: The Masters Of Succession

Kathy Creutzburg – LES Artist/Bio Arts

Felicia Young – Earth Celebrations

The collaborative gathering closed with participants sharing mobile phone images of nature-inspired art close to the Zoom screen to create a makeshift mosaic in support of bioart initiatives.


Shauna Lee Lange of Sacrosanct Gallery exhibits artwork and writes exclusively about art and environment, especially environmental art, eco art, climate art, and art of the natural world. She lives in a quiet home on Florida’s Gulf Coast where she networks, reads, thinks, and draws all day long.