Shauna Lee Lange, Road Trip (2021), ink & marker on paper, 24″ x 18″

Here’s my latest completed work in pointillism, titled “Road Trip”. Pinks, browns, blacks, and sepia tiny circles separated by a river of pink took about a week to complete. I worked on it from my dining room which has an afternoon sun, from Florida’s end-of-May, I noticed it wasn’t taking much for the sun to damage the work. I’d draw for about an hour and then have to close the blinds, which I hate because I need light. The work represents the twists and turns of decision-making, and the invisibilities of the effect of our choice-making on our future lives. It was a joy to break away from my current research and activities on NFTs, a real wonder to return to analog drawing. You cannot image the things that come to me as I’m drawing what is easily over 10,000 circles.