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Join Sacrosanct Gallery and Lange Art Retreats on Instagram @sacrosanct.gallery or @langeartretreats and at Twitter @shaunaleelange. Gallery founder Shauna Lee Lange is an artist, analyst, and art advisor with over 30 years experience in creative industries and government regulatory oversight. In 2005, she combined work in both fields to concentrate on a range of activities from self-taught professional artist, curator, and show producer, to inside art influencer in the global art market. Email is sacrosanctgallery@gmail.com.

Now mid-2021, as a full-service arts gallery consultancy and illustration & design studio, we are exploring intersections of idea communication, creativity, and culture. We continue to cultivate over 25K global art insiders in a dedicated art network on Linkedin (see the group “NFT Art, Artists”) and are leaders and designers of future-forward art projects.

Our client base ranges from children & teens, direct artists, architects and designers, to community art organizations, galleries, corporations, and museums. As we move into the future, our eye is turned to contributions in creative placemaking and public art initiatives, especially those with themes and narratives in humanitarian causes, current events, or global concerns.

Our digital component, Sacrosanct NFT, will continue to offer expert art advisory services in the NFT, NFT art, crypto art, and blockchain art space. See the most exciting developments in NFT on our Instagram gallery @sacrosanctnft

Shauna Lee Lange has a gift for regional art integration, art marketing avenues, and maximizing studio practices. Former offices in the New England corridor, Washington DC metropolitan region, and Southwest/Gulf Coast Florida help provide a wide-array of opportunity and resources.

Lange Art Retreats is dedicated to exploring our natural world. We hold a broad range of art workshops, art camps, art schools, and art event outings and adventures, regularly engages with other global drawing collectives such as Urban Sketchers; Dr. Sketchy’s; Sketchbook Skool; Inktober; Classicists (Icaa.org); and Brooklyn Art Library. Shauna strongly tries to impart the necessity of balance between the technological world and the natural world and helps her art retreat participants understand how the study of one illuminates the other. Look for exciting destinations to come towards the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022.

Our galleries are also showcasing works and topics in the placemaking realm, or works with a concentration on environmental art, ecological art, climate art, botanical art, sustainability, and works produced with natural materials. We believe in the importance, role, and value of multidisciplinary art expertise, relational connections, and continuous growth. We invite artists to submit up to 3 images of work to our email, be sure to include your contact information, links, and bio.

About Shauna

As a self-taught artist, Shauna Lee Lange continues to earn accomplishments, awards, and art-related certifications cross-platform with her contemporary American abstracts. The pointillism works are Japanese-inspired amorphous interdepencies (see Pointillism page). Shauna is presently working on a new series concentrating on personal geographies. She earned certification in Drawing Nature, Science and Culture: Natural History Illustration from NewcastleX, The University of Newcastle, Australia (2020) which contributes to her foundational development work with the Guild of Natural Illustrators.

Shauna took home the Red Ribbon for her large scale ‘Aboriginality (2020)’ with Ringling College of Art & Design’s Ancient Traditions exhibition; she also showed with The Big Show National Exhibition with Art Center Sarasota during Covid-19 with her pointillism ‘The Nostepinne (2020)‘ – a work that was also published in print by Plutonics. Please see the Art CV link for additional art exhibition and art administration history. Shauna presents, writes, and showcases research findings on art movements or artists’ body of work. Her artwork can be seen on Instagram @circlecompulsion

Shauna Lee Lange, The Nostepinne (2020), watercolor, ink, and color pencil on paper, 12″ x 12″

Shauna’s visual artwork encompasses labor-intensive artistry in naturalist watercolor styling and color-intensive rendering with hundreds of thousands of circles. Work from 2006 – 2012 concentrated within watercolor and collage realms of art journaling, visual diaries, book arts, and sketchbook communities. 

Shauna Lee Lange, Fungi (c.2019), watercolor and ink in art journal, 6″ x 6″

Solo work exhibited from 2020 is in the field of natural, environment, and ecological arts through large and small works concentrated in numerous circle sizes, light effects, color harmonies, and interplay.  The watercolor is exacting, laborious, and fully detailed methods with aboriginal inspirings. The abstraction is clean, colorful, and systematic. It follows the Japanese wabi-sabi stylings of Hiroyuki Doi and Yayoi Kusama’s aesthetic schools. Works explore and push color field theory.

Shauna Lee Lange, Field (date unknown, prior to 2018), ink, watercolor, and marker on paper, 24″ x 18″

Collage techniques are intuitive, experimental, and constantly changing. Shauna is always trying to make a whole out of the sum of parts; seeking greater meaning. How subjects, people, and events intersect in unusual and unexpected ways led her to invest in a naturalist’s art life in rural and coastal themes. This shift pursues social concerns in community, culture, and human creativity.  Where prior efforts were explorative, current work is focused and directed at meaning and application.

Shauna Lee Lange, Flora Fiesta (2017), collage on paper, 24″ x 18″

In 2021, Shauna began merging the pointillism and the collage to create color concentrated woven pieces, yet to be exhibited. The assembly of unrelated works are married together for new definition. Shauna also shifted her major daily art focus to mentoring, advising, and consulting for art & technology, art & science, and art & environment sectors.

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Your donations help support the time and research necessary to create an intersection between art and environment. Please consider giving through Paypal to shaunaleelange@gmail.com to help support and continue this work.

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