Art Network

Sacrosanct NFT

Our original Linkedin art group was known as Art Influencers, Advisors & Consultants. It began in 2006 in Washington, DC as the brainchild of arts advisor Shauna Lee Lange of Sacrosanct Gallery, Florida. The networked group is now known as NFT Art, Artists, Collectors… and functions as a global exchange and think tank for all arts related literati. We promote the discussion and advocacy of art community advancement through all sectors of the industry.

Whether you’re an artist, a gallerist, a non-profit organization, collector or an arts consultant, we’ve created an engaging place for dialogue and exchange. We are idea generators, solution providers, network connectors, and a think tank of arts professionals with a broad range of interests. Membership continues to grow over 25,000 active members representing the US and international locations as of May 2021. We share one strong common bond – a love of art and visual culture and what it means in our lives and in the lives of those to come.

To gain access, search for “NFT Art, Artists” on Linkedin, you will see our group return in the results (look for the red circle logo). We update members and content daily.

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