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Join Sacrosanct Gallery on Instagram or Twitter @shaunaleelange. Gallery founder Shauna Lee Lange is an artist, analyst, and art advisor with over 30 years experience in creative industries and government regulatory writing & editing. In 2005, she combined work in both fields to concentrate on a range of activities from self-taught professional artist, curator, show producer, to inside art influencer in the global art market.

In 2020, as a full-service arts consultancy and illustration & design studio, Sacrosanct Gallery explores and enlargens intersections of idea communication, creativity, and culture. We continue to cultivate over 20K global art insiders in a dedicated art network on Linkedin (see the group Art Influencers) and are leaders and designers of meaningful art projects along the East Coast.

Shauna’s client base ranges from children & teens, direct artists, architects and designers, to community art organizations, galleries, and museums. As the Gallery moves into the future, it will have an eye to contributions in creative placemaking and public art initiatives, especially those with themes and narratives in humanitarian causes, current events, or global concerns such as environmental art or ecoart.

In fact, the gallery will showcase works in the natural science illustration realm, or works with a concentration on environmental art, ecological art, climate art, botanical art, sustainability, or works produced with natural materials. We believe in the importance, role, and value of multidisciplinary art expertise, relational connections, and continuous growth.

As a self-taught artist, Shauna has earned several accomplishments, awards, and art-related certifications cross-platform. She regularly speaks, writes, and showcases findings and art movements or artists’ body of work throughout commercial sectors. She has a gift for regional art integration, art marketing avenues, and maximizing studio practices. Former offices in the New England corridor, Washington DC metropolitan region, and now in Southwest/Gulf Coast Florida help provide a wide-array of opportunity and resources.

Shauna continues to earn prizes & awards with her Japanese-inspired pointillist works (see Pointillism tab) of amorphous interdepencies. She is presently working on a new series concentrating on environments, atmospheres, the skyscape, and clouds. She has earned many awards and certificates, most recently a certificate in Drawing Nature, Science and Culture: Natural History Illustration from NewcastleX, The University of Newcastle, Australia. Her most recent award was the Red Ribbon for her large scale ‘Aboriginality’ with Ringling College of Art & Design’s Ancient Traditions exhibition (2020). Please see the Art Resume link for additional art exhibition and art administration history.

The Gallery is reached at 941.875.5190 or via Our address is Box 1254 in Venice, Florida 34284.