Art Advisory


We’re working on content for this art advisory, advocacy, and activism page but are momentarily consumed with keeping up with art developments related to equity and racism, COVID19, the upcoming election, and environmental/climate issues.

Art can be a catalyst, an interpreter, and a communicator for change. It speaks truths, tells stories, and visually presents ideas and events for our understanding. Art as activism uses creativity with hopes to bring about social change. This very activism challenges power structures, in whatever form they may be.

Activism through art is well suited for contemporary times, from temporary art, street art, mural art, protest art, studio work, photographs on cell phones, to graffiti, and more. Throughout history, art and movements merged to connect campaigns with aesthetics that are emotionally charged and deeply rooted. The creative and exploratory black and brown artists, or that of environmental artists, or feminist artists, are some of the most inspiring as they share perspectives and stories through images that challenge how we think.

The exclusion of many artists from the art world system is a cultural tragedy, it keeps viewers from experiencing powerful art and recognizing the accumulative story of our society. After all, art is the lens of the cultural panorama, and the lens always needs to widen to be more inclusive.