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Coming in September 2020 – Peacock (All Media Virtual Art Exhibition)

Open Call, Call to Artists, Call for Art, Art Submissions wanted prior to 8/23/20. Up to three images of work completed in the last three years to Artists must include a short bio and all social media contact addresses. Living, Contemporary American (USA) artists only. No entry fee, all media considered, 25% to virtual gallery. Online show runs Sept 1 – 30, 2020. Gallery notifies upon show acceptance by 8/24/20. #peacock #peafowl #callforart #nofee #submissionswanted #gallery #exhibition


Online Juried Visual Arts Competition – Artwork must include your interpretation of a PEACOCK, broadly interpreted. 

Deadline August 23, 2020

Notification August 24, 2020

Entry Fee $0 for up to 3 Images emailed to with a short artist bio, all your contact information, and all your social media addresses.

Open to all artists 18 years and older.  All submitted work must have been created by the artist within the last 3 years.  All visual art mediums are allowed. This exhibit is open to all forms of media.  

Share in Social Media #peacock #sacrosanct for added exposure and recognition.

Exhibition:  Sacrosanct.Gallery with Social Promotion Promotion 

Artists will be showcased on Sacrosanct.Gallery for up to 12 months following juried exhibition.  Artwork will be for sale online. Gallery retains 25% of sales. Client pays shipping. Artist agrees to ship to client within 10 days of notification of sale. Gallery retains the right to remove the artist or artwork from the site for any reason at any time. Entering this call designates your approval for the gallery to promote you and/or your art on the Internet. 

Our mission:

Art of the natural sciences combines the beauty of nature with the precision of scientific observation. Working in traditional and digital formats, science illustrators produce work for publication in textbooks, science journals, and online sites and exhibition, as well as in museums and art galleries just like Sacrosanct Gallery. For as long as there has been art, artists have been enthused by nature. Apart from providing endless inspiration, many of the mediums that artists use to create their masterpieces such as wood, charcoal, clay, graphite, and water are all products from nature.

Scientific illustration is more than just artwork.  It is a way to communicate complex concepts, details, and subjects in an engaging and easily comprehensible way.  Artwork can go beyond the complex language often used to describe scientific topics and allow for a greater understanding of the subject. Scientific illustration is art in the service of science.

Our artists create images of scientific subjects in an accurate way to inform and communicate.  Scientific illustrators must use technical art and aesthetic skills in combination with scientifically informed observations and research to make accurate representations of the subject.  Illustrations, models, or videos provide visual explanations and depictions to help make the topics accessible and engaging to audiences of all levels.  It can be used to explain complicated topics to the general public in a simple way, but it can also to help educate scientists or medical professionals in training with highly detailed images or animations.  As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Due to the growing diversity of artistic media (the materials or tools used to create artwork) used in our current digital age, art of the natural world can often be referred to simply as scientific art.  Though it may seem like a small field of study, the subjects of scientific artwork are very diverse, spanning nearly all fields of science, from microscopic biology to astrophysics and everything in between. This new direction for Sacrosanct Gallery is based in the concern for atmospheres and environments, ecology, and climate control as well as a true love of nature and natural elements.