Founder’s Page

Shauna Lee Lange maintains a full-service illustration and design art advisory and consultancy specializing in the natural sciences and the natural world.

My artwork concentrates on personal geographies and their relationships to atmospheres and environments. Watercolor neo-pointillism works on paper lend to connections to natural systems and interdependencies. A secondary collage and drawing focus seeks to communicate, listen, and understand color and line.

My visual artwork encompasses labor-intensive artistry in naturalist watercolor styling and color-intensive rendering with hundreds of thousands of circles. Work from 2006 โ€“ 2012 concentrated within watercolor and collage realms of art journaling, visual diaries, book arts, and sketchbook communities.  I regularly participate in International Urban Sketcher forums and other physical and online artist collectives.


Solo work exhibited in 2020 is in the field of natural, environment, and ecological arts through large and small works concentrated in numerous circle sizes, light effects, color harmonies, and interplay.  The watercolor is exacting, laborious, and fully detailed methods with aboriginal inspirings.  The abstraction is clean, colorful, and systematic. It follows the Japanese wabi-sabi stylings of Hiroyuki Doi and Yayoi Kusama’s aesthetic schools. Works explore and push color field theory.


Collage techniques are intuitive, experimental, and constantly changing. I am always trying to make a whole out of the sum of parts; seeking greater meaning. How subjects, people, and events intersect in unusual and unexpected ways has led me to invest in a naturalistโ€™s art life in rural and coastal themes. This shift pursues social concerns in community, culture, and human creativity.  Where prior efforts were explorative, current work is focused and directed at meaning and application.


In 2020, I began merging the pointillism and the collage to create color concentrated woven pieces…the assembly of unrelated works married together for new definition. I also shifted my major daily focus to mentoring, advising, and consulting for the science sector.